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Xtra Blog is a multi-purpose HTML template from TemplateMo website. Left side is a sticky menu bar. Right side content will scroll up and down.


WeBuyLP Rens

She is standing by to provide you the best service possible for Ships, Items, and Purchasing your Minmatar LP. As we ask for your security, do not send any ISK or LP to her without receiving a Doscord or ingame convo prior to your transaction.

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Multi-purpose blog template

Xtra Blog is a multi-purpose HTML CSS template from TemplateMo website. Blog list, single post, about, contact pages are included. Left sidebar fixed width and content area is a fluid full-width.

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How can you apply Xtra Blog

You are allowed to convert this template as any kind of CMS theme or template for your custom website builder. You can also use this for your clients. Thank you for choosing us.

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A little restriction to apply

You are not allowed to re-distribute this template as a downloadable ZIP file on any template collection website. This is strongly prohibited as we worked hard for this template. Please contact TemplateMo for more information.
For example, Free-CSS redistributed this Xtra Blog template on their website without asking any permission. It is an illegal act by Free-CSS website doing an unauthorized reposting.

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Color hexa values of Xtra Blog

If you wish to kindly support us, please contact us or contribute a small PayPal amount to info [at] templatemo.com that is helpful for us.
Title #099 New #0CC
Text #999 Line #CCC Next #0CC Prev #F0F0F0

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